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The Chocolate Chipmunk Poem

While sitting at my desk at work early one morning,
I glanced over my right shoulder.
There he was, three and a half feet tall and covered with fur.
He was light brown in color and grinning. His fur was not long.
He scared the heck out of me. I shook and I quivered.
No words could I utter.

"Oh!, don't be afraid of me," he said.
"I am the Chocolate Chipmunk," he said.
"There is no reason to be afraid of me," he said.
"It must be that you do not eat chocolate," he said.
"And, it must be that you are idealistic," he said.
"Otherwise, you would not be able to see me," he continued.
"I bring pieces of chocolate to offices," he went on.

"There are three requirements for me to come to an office," he said.
"First, there must be someone who does not eat chocolate."
"Second, the person must be rather idealistic to be able to see me."
"Third, there must be a genuine crystal bowl for the chocolate."
"I do not put chocolate in just any bowl, you know," he said.
"Also, there is no use bringing chocolate,
If no one believes in me." he quipped.

I had brought the crystal bowl to put peanuts in.
I am rather an idealistic person, or so my friends tell me.
I do not eat chocolate, or at least, I try not to do so.
But, I had never heard of the Chocolate Chipmunk before.
But, there he was right in front of my eyes, and all furry.
He was filling the genuine crystal bowl with chocolate candy.

"Ah, one more small detail," he added with a smile.
"There must be someone in the office,"
"Who really really really likes chocolate."
Copyright (c) 2004 by D La Pierre Ballard
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