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The Reverend George Washington Baines,
Pioneer Texas Baptist Preacher,
and President of Baylor University

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CHAPTER: 001: Introduction to George Washington Baines
Updated 2006/02/26
This webpage is about the Reverend George Washington Baines
(1809-1882), who was a pioneer Baptist preacher in Texas and who was
President of Baylor University (1861-1863).

The author is a great great great nephew to George Washington

United States President Lyndon Baines Johnson was a great grand
son of George Washington Baines.

CHAPTER: 002: The Historical Marker in Fairfield, Texas
On the north side of the First Baptist Church in Fairfield in
Freestone County, Texas is a historical marker about George
Washington Baines which was erected in 1965. The text of
this marker provides an excellent introduction to George
Washington Baines. It is as follows.

Noted Texas religious leader. Pastor, 1850, to Gen. and Mrs. Sam
Houston. Founded first Baptist paper in state, 1855. In difficult
Civil War years, served as president of Baylor University, 1861-1863,
and pastor of the First Baptist Church in Fairfield, 1864-1866.

A North Carolinian. Uneducated, at 21 he cut and rafted timber to pay
for schooling. Received A.M. degree, University of Alabama. Moved to
Arkansas. Founded 7 churches. Served in Arkansas legislature,
1843-1844. Lived and preached in Louisiana, 1845-1849.

He had 10 children. His wife Melissa Ann (Butler) died here in
wartime. He made her coffin with his own hands. One of their
Great-Grandsons, Lyndon Baines Johnson, became 36th president of the
United States. The first Texan to receive this high honor.
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Churches were vital to military and civilian morale in Confederate
Texas. Rev. Baines and other ministers led their congregations in
prayer days, soldier relief work, aid to families, distribution of
Bibles. They also inspired numerous conversions.

Later Rev. Baines served as agent for the Baptist State Convention and
it's Education Commission.

CHAPTER: 003: Working For An Education In Alabama
George Washington Baines was the first child of Reverend Thomas
Baines and his wife Mary McCoy Baines. George was born on
29-DEC-1809 close to the Atlantic Coast in Perquimans County,
North Carolina. He had the medium to small stature, the dark hair and
the deep blue eyes which very often characterized the Baines family.

In 1817 the Thomas Baines family moved to Georgia, and in the next
year to Alabama. While living near Tuscaloosa, Alabama George earned
money by cutting timber to attend the University of Alabama. He had to
drop out in his senior year because of the stomach trouble which
plagued him all his life. He was later awarded an honorary A.M. degree
by that school for his accomplishments. He began teaching school in
Alabama in the fall of 1832.

On 07-AUG-1836 he was ordained a Baptist minister. His father,
Reverend Thomas Baines was one of the signers of his ordination

CHAPTER: 004: Controversy in Crooked Creek, Arkansas
In 1837 George W. Baines moved to Crooked Creek, Arkansas which
today is Harrison, Arkansas in Boone County. The Baptist Home
Mission Society of New York commissioned him to evangelize there. He
hoped to have better health from his stomach problems there. His
mother, Mary McCoy Baines, and his sister, Julia Ann Baines
Hill, with his sister's family moved there about the same time.

In January of 1838 George became the minister of the Crooked Creek
Baptist Church. He baptized many persons and started three new
churches there. In 1842 and 1843 he served a term as a representative
in the Arkansas Legislature.

On 20-OCT-1840 George married Melissa Ann Butler who had been born
in North Carolina on 02-JUN-1824.

In March of 1844 the Hardshell Baptists gained control of the Crooked
Creek Baptist Church. George Baines and all of the Baines family
who were members of that church were very decidedly Missionary
Baptists. Reverend George Washington Baines and the entire Baines
family with a number of other members were ousted from that church.

George and Melissa Baines with their family moved to Mt. Lebanon,
Louisiana in July of 1844. There he was superintendant of schools and
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founded some more Baptist churches.

Some of the following information comes from HISTORY OF THE NORTH
attorney and historian in Harrison, Arkansas.

Crooked Creek Baptist Church was formed on 03-JUL-1834 in the Crooked
Creek community which was just south of what is today Harrison,

Among the early members of this church were the following Baines
Abraham Marshall Hill                                M.1812-1865
Julia Ann Baines Hill                           \GTJ F.1812-1855
George Washington Baines                        \GTG M.1809-1882
Melissa Ann Butler Baines                            F.1824-1865
Mary McCoy Baines                                    F.1794-1864
Sarah Baines                                     \GS F.1790-

Abraham Marshall Hill was the husband of Julia Ann Baines Hill
who was the sister of George Washington Baines. Melissa Ann
Butler Baines was the wife of G. W. Baines. Mary McCoy
Baines was the mother of G. W. Baines. Sarah Baines was the
aunt of G. W. Baines.

While they were not listed as early members it is certain that Joseph
Benjamin Baines and his wife Mary Frances Beller were in the
Crooked Creek community at least. Joseph Benjamin Baines was the
youngest brother of George W. Baines.

At this time there is no evidence to show that William Creth
Baines and his family were in the Crooked Creek community. William
Creth Baines was the other brother of George Washington

CHAPTER: 005: Hardshell Baptists Versus Missionary Baptists
The Baptists of the 1840's tended to fall into one of two groups.
Either they were Missionary Baptists or Hardshell Baptists. The
Missionary Baptists were strongly evangelistic. They often held
revivals and were constantly preaching the gospel. The Hardshell
Baptists believed very decidedly in the doctrine of predestination
which said that some persons were predestined to be saved as
Christians and that some were not. The Hardshell Baptists or Primitive
Baptists, as they were sometimes called, did not hold revivals or
preach to the unsaved nearly to the extent that the Missionary
Baptists did. These two groups did not get along either in Northern
Arkansas or in Texas in the 1840's.

All of the Baines family fell into the Missionary Baptist group.

In March of 1844 the hardshell members gained control of the Crooked
Creek Baptist Church and excluded from membership all of the members
who were missionary members. A number of members including all of the
Baines family were tossed out.
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George Washington Baines and his family went to Louisiana and of
course later to Texas. His sister Julia Ann Baines Hill and her
family went to Carthage in Panola Co, Texas. It is not known what
happened to Sarah Baines. Mary McCoy Baines stayed in the
Crooked Creek community with her youngest son Joseph Benjamin
Baines and his family.

Mary McCoy Baines was to stay in northern Arkansas until about
1863 when the Union and Confederate forces had withdrawn from each
other in northern Arkansas. This created a gap from the Missouri state
line down to the Arkansas River in which bands of bushwhackers reigned
supreme. These outlaws robbed, burned and killed without respect for
any persons, man or woman, North or South. At this time George
Washington Baines arranged for his mother, Mary McCoy Baines,
to move to his home in Fairfield in Freestone County, Texas where
she died in 1864.

The Crooked Creek Baptist Church continued as a Hardshell Baptist
church until it went out of business in 1900. In 1906 it was revived
as a missionary Baptist church and continues today under the name
Union Baptist Church.

CHAPTER: 006: Ministry and Teaching in Louisiana
In Louisiana George Washington Baines, in addition to preaching in
various Baptist churches, worked as superintendent of schools in the
Bienville Parish.

He was the first pastor at the Minden Baptist Church of Minden,
Louisiana. That church celebrated it's 125th anniversary on
26-OCT-1969. A copy of the church bulletin was furnished to the author
by the author's third cousin H. Marland Minton, who is a great
great great nephew of George Washington Baines. The church
bulletin has George Washington Baines on its front cover and the
following about him inside.
On Sunday, January 19, 1845, the Reverend George Washington
Baines, pastor of the Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church, was called to
serve as the first pastor, to serve on a quarter-time basis.

The Reverend Baines was a man of rare ability, a spiritual giant
of his day, described by those who knew him as being a man of deep
conviction, profoundly learned in the Bible, gentle, quiet, soft in
speech, and modest in everything. By the time he became pastor of
Minden Baptist Church at the age of thirty-five, he had already been
the organizer of a dozen churches in Arkansas and North Louisiana.
Through his wisdom in leadership, this church established its roots in
doctrine and conservatism for which it has been known through the
On the back of that church bulletin was a message from a great
grandson of George Washington Baines. That great grandson was able
to attend that church that day also. His message is as follows:
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November 16, 1968


I fully share your pride as you commemorate the 125th anniversary of
your Church. You look back on a history that is rich in service to God
and to your community. And it gives me special satisfaction to know
that my great-grandfather, George Washington Baines, was part of
the sacred tradition you honor.

I have always believed that we cannot look forward to prosperity if we
do not first look back to our ancestors. We have much to learn from
their courage and adversity and their perseverance in carrying forward
God's holy word and work. It humbles us to share the lasting memories
of the good they did. And it heartens us as we bear our own burdens
and seek, as they did, a better, more meaningful life.

I am wholeheartedly with you in the spirit of your observance, and I
wish your congregation every success in the challenging years ahead.
Lyndon B. Johnson

CHAPTER: 007: Into Texas
In 1847 George W. Baines visited Texas to help begin a Baptist
church in the town of Marshall in Panola Co. About three years
later George W. Baines moved with his family to Huntsville, Texas
where he ministered for a year. In 1851 he and his family moved to the
town of Independence in Washington County, Texas for a year. He
was the minister in the Independence Baptist Church which included
General Sam Houston and his wife as members.
Who: Sam Houston                                     M.1793-1863
Who: Margaret Lea Houston                            F.1819-1867

CHAPTER: 008: George Washington Baines and the Texas Baptists
The Union Baptist Association was the first Baptist organization in
the state of Texas. The Union Baptist Association formed the Texas
Baptist Education Society which promoted the founding of Baylor
University in 1845 in the Republic of Texas.

The Union Baptist Association was a Baptist group formed in 1840 which
took in the Baptist churches of south central and southeastern Texas.
George Washington Baines was moderator of this group for the years
1851, 1852, 1853, 1854, 1855, 1857, 1862. George W. Baines preached
the introductory sermon at the 1851 meeting in Washington, Texas. He
preached the missionary sermon at the 1860 meeting in Bellville.

The Union Baptist Association was the first of many such regional
associations which worked under the Texas Baptist State Convention.

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CHAPTER: 009: THE TEXAS BAPTIST: The First Baptist Newspaper in Texas
In 1852 George Washington Baines and his family moved to Anderson,
Texas which was about thirty miles northeast of Independence, Texas.
He was the minister of the Baptist church in Anderson. The Texas
Baptist State Convention began a Baptist newspaper at Anderson, Texas
in January 1855 with George W. Baines as founding editor. This was
the first Baptist newspaper in the state of Texas.

George W. Baines remained as editor until shortly after the Civil
War started when the paper folded due to the shortages caused by the

Most of the issues of this paper are available to be seen on microfilm
at the Carroll Library on the Baylor University campus in Waco, Texas.
There were four large pages with fine print to each monthly issue.

Here are two quotes taken from the book A HISTORY OF TEXAS BAPTISTS
by J. M. Carroll from pages 280 and 282 regarding the newspaper
"The Texas Baptist" of which George Washington Baines was the
The struggle to maintain the paper was truly heroic, and nothing but
the marvelous and almost unparalleled self-sacrifice of the editor,
George W. Baines, sr., made its success possible, and it is but
just to say that Brother Baines neither sought nor desired the
position. He did not feel that Baptist journalism was the work to
which God had called him, nor the work for which he felt himself
best fitted and adapted. The love of the cause constrained him, and
the success which crowned his labors was something which actually
bordered on the miraculous.

Sometime in 1860 Brother Baines resigned as editor to take up
again the pastorate, a work to him always most congenial. Near the
beginning of the Civil War the paper was suspended because of
inability to secure printing paper.

CHAPTER: 010: Baylor University
Anson Jones  b.Massachusetts                         M.1789-1858
Robert Emmett Bledsoe Baylor  b.Kentucky             M.1793-1873
Rufus C. Burleson  b.Alabama                         M.1823-1901
William Carey Crane  b.Virginia                      M.1816-1885
Henry Lee Graves                                     M.1813-

On 01-FEB-1845 Anson Jones, President of the Republic of Texas,
signed into law the charter for a Baptist university which was to be
named Baylor University after the prominent Baptist and Texas Judge R.
E. B. Baylor. The Union Baptist Association sponsored Baylor
University and controlled it through the Baptist Education Society.
Until 1886 Baylor University was at Independence, Texas which was in
Washington County and which had been settled in 1824. In 1886
Baylor University was merged with Waco University and moved to Waco,
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Texas. Starting in 1850 the Texas Baptist State Convention controlled
the university by appointing the board of trustee members.

George Washington Baines served on the board of trustees of Baylor
University from 17-JUN-1851 until 01-FEB-1859. On 17-JUL-1861 he was
named president of Baylor University and professor of natural science.
The university was going through an extremely difficult period because
the previous president, R. C. Burleson, had resigned along with
many faculty members due to a controversy.

This controversy, which consisted of a severe disagreement among
Baptists regarding female education, came to a head in May of 1861
when R. C. Burleson resigned. Many Texas Baptists of that time did
not favor higher education for women. Higher education at that time
meant education above the eighth grade.

George W. Baines and his wife Melissa ran a boarding house in
their home for women students of Baylor University when they lived at
Independence, Texas. He was a strong advocate of education for women.
In addition to these difficulties at Baylor University, it must be
kept in mind that by this time Texas had seceded from the United
States and was part of the Confederate States of America.

George W. Baines agreed to serve as president of Baylor University
for one calendar year at a salary of not less than sixteen hundred
dollars per year. On 24-JUN-1862 he gave to the board of trustees his
letter of resignation in spite of the fact that the board wanted him
to stay on as president. He had always been in ill health and the load
on him was too much since he not only was president but also taught
the younger boys who were in preparation for college as well as
teaching a full load of college classes.

At that time education at Baylor University included every thing above
sixth grade. Because of extremely difficult circumstances George W.
Baines was the teacher for the grades seven through twelve for
seven to eight hours each day in addition to preparing for and
teaching in the college level courses and in addition to being
president of the university as a whole.

George W. Baines considered himself to be a preacher and not a
university president. The board of trustees procured another teacher
to take part of the load off of President Baines. He then stayed on
until William Carey Crane took over on 29-AUG-1863.

After the Civil War George W. Baines became president of the board
of trustees of Baylor Female College which became separate from Baylor
University in 1866. Today this college is Mary Hardin-Baylor
University and is located in Belton, Texas.

His strong support of higher education for women has continued down
through the Baines family. Two of the nieces of George Washington
Baines were the first women in the state of Texas to have teaching
certificates. They were Nancy Sophronia Baines Collins and Martha
Julia Ann Baines Smith.

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CHAPTER: 011: Texas Baptists and Separation of Church and State
The year 1879 brought a tremendous controversy to the Texas Baptists.
There were strong forces in favor of the Baptists uniting with several
other major denominations to seek large amounts of free land from the
state for the purpose of furthering the higher educational
institutions of those denominations. The amount of land being
discussed was forty thousand acres to be given to each denomination.
The major backer of this proposal was the highly regarded Dr. William
Carey Crane who was president of Baylor University at that time.

In an article in the TEXAS BAPTIST HERALD for 08-MAR-1879 George
Washington Baines discussed this issue and told of the resolution
of the dilemma before the Texas Baptist Convention. He wrote that it
seemed that the convention would definitely follow the renowned Dr.
William Carey Crane, when one man stood up and faced the
convention. That one man related that the land grant proposal was very
much against the well known Baptist platform of true religious
liberty. That one man explained to the convention delegates how that
proposal violated the principle of separation of church and state
which had been so important to Baptists. George Washington Baines
wrote that when the issue then came to a vote nine voted in favor of
the proposal while ninety voted against it. Reverend Baines wrote
that he knew what happened at the convention because he himself was

The conclusion of the story is that it was George Washington
Baines, himself, who was the opposition speaker at the Texas
Baptist Convention who alone convinced the delegates to defeat the
land grant proposal.

CHAPTER: 012: Later Years
Updated 2006/02/26
In 1864 George W. Baines moved his family to Fairfield, Texas in
Freestone County southeast of Dallas to minister at the
Baptist Church there. Additionally, in 1864-1866 he ministered at
Butler Baptist Church near Fairfield, Texas.

He and his family lived two and one half miles west of Fairfield. His
mother, Mary McCoy Baines lived there with them until her death in
1864. His wife Melissa Ann Butler Baines died on 21-JAN-1865. She
is buried in the Fairfield Cemetery in an unmarked grave.

George W. Baines married Miss Cynthia W. Williams on
13-JUN-1865 in Fairfield, Freestone, Texas. She was born on
12-OCT-1831 in Chatham County, North Carolina and died in Salado,
Texas on 04-FEB-1878. Henry Lee Graves who had been the first
president of Baylor University officiated at the wedding in Fairfield
in Freestone County, Texas.

In his later years, George Washington Baines lived in Belton and
in Salado. Both of these small towns are southwest of Waco in Bell
Co, Texas. He lived with his daughter Annie Melissa Baines until
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his death. He is buried at Salado, Texas.

Here is a quote pertaining to 1867 from A HISTORY OF TEXAS BAPTISTS,
page 467:
Geo. W. Baines, sr., was the general missionary. He was the first
general missionary Texas Baptists ever had. His salary was fixed at
$800 and he to collect that on the field. The purpose of his
appointment was to "infuse new life into the churches," and into the
Baptists generally; acquaint them with denominational affairs; settle
them in their Baptist principles and convictions; awaken them to their
duties and responsibilities. His was a wise selection. No man in
Texas was better fitted for the task. His work was well and wisely

CHAPTER: 013: Carroll Library at Baylor University
In Waco, Texas at Baylor University in the Carroll Library is the
Texas Collection which is a collection of books, documents and
artifacts pertinent to Texas history. On display are two paintings of
George Washington Baines. On of these is by the foremost early
Texas artist Henry Arthur McArdle who taught at Baylor Female
College starting in 1869. McArdle was born in Belfast, Ireland and
lived from 09-JUN-1836 until 16-FEB-1908. This painting in 1957 was
valued at five thousand dollars.
Who: Henry Arthur McArdle  b.Ireland                 M.1836-1908

Other pictures of George W. Baines are in the possession of that
library. The Carroll Library has many of the personal effects of
President Baines including his original ordination papers which were
signed by his father, Reverend Thomas Baines.

In the summer of 1957 three of the daughters of Charles Creth
Smith and the author visited the Carroll Library on the Baylor
University Campus. After carefully viewing the two paintings of George
Washington Baines, it was the opinion of those three ladies that
without his beard George Washington Baines looked remarkably like
their father, Charles Creth Smith, who was a great nephew to
George W. Baines. The ladies were Neva Eugene Smith, Crethie
Munro Smith Mashburn and Leola May Smith Ballard.

CHAPTER: 014: Sam Houston
Who was Sam Houston? Here is a list of positions he held.
1. U.S. Representative from Tennessee.
2. Governor of Tennessee.
3. Ambassador for the Cherokee Nation to the United States.
4. General of the Army for Texas Independence.
5. President of the Republic of Texas.
6. U.S Senator from Texas.
7. Governor of Texas.

In many books about Sam Houston there are references to his
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friendship with George Washington Baines who for a time was the
minister to the Sam Houston family at Independence, Texas after 1851.
The best account regarding this friendship is in the book SAM
Seale which is listed in the bibliography.

The most amazing event regarding Sam Houston and George W.
Baines is well worth retelling. It occurred after the Baines
family had moved from Independence, Texas about thirty miles northeast
to Anderson, Texas. Those who believe in the Providence of God may
find additional meaning here. Margaret Lea Houston had for many
years been trying to get her husband, Sam Houston, to be baptized.
Finally, one evening in November of 1854, in a discussion with his
wife Sam Houston expressed his Christian faith. Upon her asking if
he would be baptized, Sam Houston put her off with the remark that
he would think about it. At that very moment Margaret Lea Houston
glanced out the window and saw Reverend George Washington Baines
ambling by on horseback. She immediately ran out of the house and
caught his attention. He agreed to stop and spend the night at the
Houston house. The next morning after breakfast Sam Houston
accompanied George W. Baines on his way on business to Brenham,
Texas. Sam Houston had very serious doubts about whether he should
be baptized. Reverend Baines was able to reassure him that baptism
would be proper in view of Sam Houston's Christian faith.
Consequently, on the 19-NOV-1854 Sam Houston was baptized, not by
George Washington Baines, but rather by Rufus C. Burleson who
was then the minister at the Independence Baptist Church.

Several years prior to the Civil War George Washington Baines
bought a young man who was a slave from Sam Houston. George W.
Baines gave Sam Houston a note that he would pay the money out
by installments. After the Civil War was over and slavery was
abolished, at a time when Mrs. Houston who was then a widow, since
Sam Houston had died in 1863, was having severe financial
problems, George W. Baines paid her one hundred dollars on his

CHAPTER: 015: Children of George Washington Baines
The following are the children of George Washington Baines and his
first wife Melissa Ann Butler. He did not have children by his
second wife.
Thomas Nealy Baines                        CSA \GTGT M.1841-1861
William Martin Baines                      CSA \GTGW M.1842-1912
Mary Elizabeth Baines                          \GTGM F.1845-1845
Joseph Wilson Baines                       CSA \GTGJ M.1846-1906
George Washington Baines, II                   \GTGG M.1848-1923
James O'Neal Baines                            \GTGE M.1852-1852
Annie Melissa Baines                           \GTGA F.1854-1897
Taliaferro Baines                              \GTGL M.1859-1870
Johnnie Paxton Baines                          \GTGO M.1863-1865

The middle name of Thomas Nealy Baines came from the first name of
his mother's father, Nealy Butler who lived from 1796 until 1880.
Nealy Butler                                         M.1796-1880
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Who: Daniel Wilson                                   M.    -
Who: Joseph Baines Wilson                            M.1852-1940
Who: Willard Wilson                                  M.    -
James E. Paxton  'Baptist minister                   M.1820-1876
Robert H. Taliaferro  'Baptist minister              M.1824-1875

In Crooked Creek, Arkansas George Washington Baines was a good
friend of Daniel Wilson who during the Civil War was murdered by
bushwhackers. Daniel Wilson named one of his sons Joseph Baines
Wilson whereas George Washington Baines named one of his sons
Joseph Wilson Baines. Joseph Baines Wilson lived from 1852
until 1940. Willard Wilson of the Boone County Historical
Society is the grandson of Joseph Baines Wilson. When Willard
Wilson was a boy in Harrison, Boone Co, Arkansas he attended
the Baines School located south of there on State Highway Seven. This
school was named for the Baines family which lived nearby.

Johnnie Paxton Baines was named after James E. Paxton who
lived from 05-OCT-1820 until 09-MAY-1876 and was a notable Baptist
minister in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas.

Taliaferro Baines was named after the very prominent early Texas
Baptist minister, Robert H. Taliaferro. Robert H. Taliaferro
was born on 19-OCT-1824 in Kentucky and died on 19-NOV-1875 in Austin.
He came to Texas in 1847 and was one of the major forces among the
early Texas Baptists.

CHART 016: Thomas Baines                         \GT M.1787-1836
Thomas Baines  'Baptist minister                 \GT M.1787-1836
        Born: 04-JUL-1787 Edenton, Chowan Co, North Carolina
        Died: DEC-1836 Mississippi
        Father: George Bains,Sr                   \G M.1741-1802
        Mother: Mary Creecy                          F.1749-
Spouse: Mary McCoy                                   F.1794-1864
        Married: 13-FEB-1808 Perquimans Co, North Carolina
        Born: 1794 Perquimans Co, North Carolina
        Died: 1864 Fairfield, Freestone Co, Texas
        Buried: Fairfield Cemetery, unmarked
        Father: William McCoy                        M.    -1794
        Mother: Julia ??                             F.    -1795

Per Census 1830: they were living in Tuscaloosa Co, Alabama.
They had the following children.
George Washington Baines  "George"              \GTG M.1809-1882
        See the chart for his family.
        Born: 29-DEC-1809 Perquimans County, North Carolina
        Died: 28-DEC-1882 Belton, Bell Co, Texas
        Buried: Salado, Bell Co, Texas, marked
Spouse1: Melissa Ann Butler  "Melissa"               F.1824-1865
        Married: 20-OCT-1840 Carroll County, Arkansas
        Born: 02-JUN-1824 North Carolina
        Died: 21-JAN-1865 Fairfield, Freestone Co, Texas
                              Page .12.          04-MAR-2006
        Buried: Fairfield Cemetery, unmarked
Spouse2: Cynthia W. Williams  "Cynthia"              F.1831-1878
        Married: 13-JUN-1865 Fairfield, Freestone Co, Texas
        Born: 12-OCT-1831 Chatham Co. NC
        Died: 04-FEB-1878 Salado, Bell Co, Texas
        Buried: Salado, Bell Co, Texas, marked
Julia Ann Baines  "Julia"                       \GTJ F.1812-1855
        See the chart for her family.
        Born: 1812 Perquimans Co, North Carolina
        Died: 1855 Carthage, Panola Co, Texas
Spouse: Abraham Marshall Hill                        M.1812-1865
        Married: 1832 Alabama
        Born: 1812
        Died: 1865
William Creth Baines  "W.C." merchant           \GTW M.1814-1895
        See the chart for his family.
        Born: 09-MAR-1814 Perquimans Co, North Carolina
        Died: 1895 San Bernardino Co, San Bernardino,CA
Spouse: Catherine A. Turner  "Catherine"             F.1822-1882
        Married: 07-NOV-1837 Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Co, Alabama
        Born: 16-JUN-1822 Tennessee
        Died: 18-FEB-1882 Denton, Denton Co, Texas
        Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Denton, Texas, marked

His will was dated 12-JUN-1895 and filed in Denton on 14-OCT-1895.
Joseph Benjamin Baines  "Joseph"            CSA \GTO M.1820-1903
        See the chart for his family.
        Born: 27-SEP-1820 Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Co, Alabama
        Died: 05-DEC-1903 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co, Oklahoma
        Buried: Fairlawn Cemetery, Oklahoma City, unmarked
Spouse: Mary Frances Beller                          F.1823-1912
        Married: 01-JAN-1840 Carroll County, Ark
        Born: 29-DEC-1823 Huntsville, Alabama
        Died: 1912

Joseph served as a Pvt. D Co. 16th Inf. Mtd. AR, C.S.A.

CHART 017: George Washington Baines             \GTG M.1809-1882
Updated 2006/02/26
George Washington Baines                        \GTG M.1809-1882
        Born: 29-DEC-1809 Perquimans County, North Carolina
        Died: 28-DEC-1882 Belton, Bell Co, Texas
        Buried: Salado, Bell Co, Texas, marked
        Father: Thomas Baines                    \GT M.1787-1836
        Mother: Mary McCoy                           F.1794-1864
Spouse1: Melissa Ann Butler  "Melissa"               F.1824-1865
        Married: 20-OCT-1840 Carroll County, Arkansas
        Born: 02-JUN-1824 North Carolina
        Died: 21-JAN-1865 Fairfield, Freestone Co, Texas
        Buried: Fairfield Cemetery, Fairfield, Texas, unmarked
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Spouse2: Cynthia W. Williams                         F.1831-1878
        Married: 13-JUN-1865 Fairfield, Texas
        Born: 12-OCT-1831 Chatham Co. NC
        Died: 04-FEB-1878 Salado, Bell Co, Texas
        Buried: Salado, Bell Co, Texas, marked
        Minister: Henry Lee Graves                   M.1813-

George had children only by Melissa. The exact location of Melissa's
grave was known until about 1960. Most of the information from this
chapter comes from A FAMILY ALBUM by Rebekah Baines Johnson.
They had the following children.
Thomas Nealy Baines                        CSA \GTGT M.1841-1861
        Born: 20-AUG-1841 Carroll Co. Arkansas
        Died: 07-NOV-1861 Virginia, Confederate service
        Mother: Melissa Ann Butler                   F.1824-1865

He served as a Pvt in Capt J.W. Hutchinson's Co. 17th Brigade C.S.A.
William Martin Baines                      CSA \GTGW M.1842-1912
        Born: 17-NOV-1842 Carroll Co. Arkansas
        Died: 01-MAY-1912 San Diego, California
        Mother: Melissa Ann Butler                   F.1824-1865
Mary Elizabeth Baines                          \GTGM F.1845-1845
        Born: 13-JAN-1845 Louisiana
        Died: 1845
        Mother: Melissa Ann Butler                   F.1824-1865
Joseph Wilson Baines  lawyer               CSA \GTGJ M.1846-1906
        Born: 24-JAN-1846 Mount Lebanon, Bienville Parish, LA
        Died: 18-NOV-1906 Fredericksburg, Gillespie Co, Texas
        Mother: Melissa Ann Butler                   F.1824-1865

He was the father of Rebekah Baines Johnson who was the mother of
Lyndon Baines Johnson.
George Washington Baines,Jr                    \GTGG M.1848-1923
        Born: 08-SEP-1848 Mount Lebanon, Bienville Parish, LA
        Died: 23-MAR-1923 Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, Texas
        Mother: Melissa Ann Butler                   F.1824-1865
James O'Neal Baines                            \GTGE M.1852-1852
        Born: 19-DEC-1852
        Died: 1852
        Mother: Melissa Ann Butler                   F.1824-1865
Annie Melissa Baines                           \GTGA F.1854-1897
        Born: 24-JAN-1854 Anderson, Grimes Co, Texas
        Died: 17-JUN-1897 Belton, Bell Co, Texas
        Mother: Melissa Ann Butler                   F.1824-1865
Taliaferro Baines                              \GTGL M.1859-1870
        Born: 01-JUL-1859 Anderson, Grimes Co, Texas
        Died: 05-JUN-1870 Salado, Bell Co, Texas
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        Mother: Melissa Ann Butler                   F.1824-1865
Johnnie Paxton Baines                          \GTGO M.1863-1865
        Born: 29-MAR-1863
        Died: MAY-1865 Fairfield, Freestone Co, Texas
        Mother: Melissa Ann Butler                   F.1824-1865
Source: A FAMILY ALBUM by Rebekah Baines Johnson.

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publication by Linda Clark for various family members.
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        Died: 12-SEP-1958 Austin, Travis Co, Texas

Johnson, Rebekah Baines. A FAMILY ALBUM. McGraw-Hill Book Company, New
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This book by the mother of Lyndon Baines Johnson is the best
source for the Baines family.
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Here are various persons who either helped or were mentioned.

H. Marland Minton                                    M.    -
Nancy Sophronia Baines                               F.    -
Martha Julia Ann Baines                              F.1851-1930
Charles Creth Smith                                  M.1872-1938
Neva Eugene Smith                                    F.1902-1983
Crethie Munro Smith                                  F.1904-1990
Leola May Smith                                      F.1910-1996
County Index
Bell Co        TX 8,11,12,13
Bernardino Co  CA 12
Bienville Co   LA 4,13
Boone Co       AR 2,11
Carroll Co     AR 11,12,13
Chatham Co     NC 8,12,13
Chowan Co      NC 11
Collin Co      TX 14
Dallas Co      TX 8
Denton Co      TX 12,14
Freestone Co   TX 1,4,8,11,12,14
Gillespie Co   TX 13
Grimes Co      TX 13
Oklahoma Co    OK 12
Panola Co      TX 4,5,12
Perquimans Co  NC 2,11,12
Tarrant Co     TX 13
Travis Co      TX 14
Tuscaloosa Co  AL 12
Tuscaloosa Co  GA 11
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Washington Co  TX 5,6
Count of counties=21
Person Index
F.    -1795              ??, Julia 11
F.1854-1897 \GTGA        Baines, Annie Melissa 8,10,13
M.1809-1882 \GTG         Baines, George Washington 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,
M.1848-1923 \GTGG        Baines, George Washington 10,13
M.1852-1852 \GTGE        Baines, James O'Neal 10,13
M.1863-1865 \GTGO        Baines, Johnnie Paxton 10,11,14
M.1820-1903 \GTO         Baines, Joseph Benjamin 3,4,12
M.1846-1906 \GTGJ        Baines, Joseph Wilson 10,11,13
F.1812-1855 \GTJ         Baines, Julia Ann 2,3,4,12
F.1851-1930              Baines, Martha Julia Ann 7,15
F.1845-1845 \GTGM        Baines, Mary Elizabeth 10,13
F.    -                  Baines, Nancy Sophronia 7,15
F.1881-1958 \GTGJR       Baines, Rebekah 13,14
F.1790-     \GS          Baines, Sarah 3,4
M.1859-1870 \GTGL        Baines, Taliaferro 10,11,13
M.1787-1836 \GT          Baines, Thomas 2,9,11,12
M.1841-1861 \GTGT        Baines, Thomas Nealy 10,13
M.1814-1895 \GTW         Baines, William Creth 3,12
M.1842-1912 \GTGW        Baines, William Martin 10,13
M.1741-1802 \G           Bains, George 11
M.    -                  Bates, Ed F. 14
M.1793-1873              Baylor, Robert Emmett Bledsoe 6
F.1823-1912              Beller, Mary Frances 3,12
M.    -                  Bridges, C. A. 14
M.1823-1901              Burleson, Rufus C. 6,7,10
F.1824-1865              Butler, Melissa Ann 2,3,8,10,11,12,13,14
M.1796-1880              Butler, Nealy 10
M.    -                  Carroll, James Milton 6,14
F.    -     \GTWCWILL    Clark, Linda 14
M.1816-1885              Crane, William Carey 6,7,8
F.1749-                  Creecy, Mary 11
M.1813-                  Graves, Henry Lee 6,8,13
M.1812-1865              Hill, Abraham Marshall 3,12
F.1819-1867              Houston, Margaret Lea 5,10
M.1793-1863              Houston, Sam 1,5,9,10
M.1908-1973              Johnson, Lyndon Baines 1,5,13,14
M.1789-1858              Jones, Anson 6
M.    -                  Lair, Jim 14
M.    -                  Logan, Roger V. 3,14
M.1836-1908              McArdle, Henry Arthur 9
F.1794-1864              McCoy, Mary 2,3,4,8,11,12
M.    -1794              McCoy, William 11
M.    -                  McNitzky, William H. 15
M.    -                  Minton, H. Marland 4,15
F.    -                  Murray, Lois Smith 15
M.1820-1876              Paxton, James E. 11
M.    -                  Pevoto, D. R. 15
M.    -                  Rayzor, James Newton 15
M.    -                  Seale, William 10,15
M.1872-1938              Smith, Charles Creth 9,15
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F.1904-1990              Smith, Crethie Munro 9,15
F.1910-1996              Smith, Leola May 9,15
F.1902-1983              Smith, Neva Eugene 9,15
M.1824-1875              Taliaferro, Robert H. 11
F.1822-1882              Turner, Catherine A. 12
F.1831-1878              Williams, Cynthia W. 8,12
M.    -                  Wilson, Daniel 10,11
M.1852-1940              Wilson, Joseph Baines 11
M.    -                  Wilson, Willard 11
Count of persons=59
Chapter Index
CHAP: 001: Introduction to George Washington Baines                  1
CHAP: 002: The Historical Marker in Fairfield, Texas                 1
CHAP: 003: Working For An Education In Alabama                       2
CHAP: 004: Controversy in Crooked Creek, Arkansas                    2
CHAP: 005: Hardshell Baptists Versus Missionary Baptists             3
CHAP: 006: Ministry and Teaching in Louisiana                        4
CHAP: 007: Into Texas                                                5
CHAP: 008: George Washington Baines and the Texas Baptists           5
CHAP: 009: THE TEXAS BAPTIST: The First Baptist Newspaper in Texas   5
CHAP: 010: Baylor University                                         6
CHAP: 011: Texas Baptists and Separation of Church and State         7
CHAP: 012: Later Years                                               8
CHAP: 013: Carroll Library at Baylor University                      9
CHAP: 014: Sam Houston                                               9
CHAP: 015: Children of George Washington Baines                     10
CHART 016: Thomas Baines                          \GT M.1787-1836   11
CHART 017: George Washington Baines              \GTG M.1809-1882   12
CHAP: 018: Bibliography                                             14
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