Aunt Nina's Diary
Diary of Nina May Musgrove Grimes of Walters, Oklahoma from 1916
Nina May Musgrove Grimes 1893-1986

Provided by Karol Ballard

Edited by D La Pierre Ballard
Copyright (c) 2014-2015


Note: There is quite a bit of editing to be done on this.
Page 001
          Nina Musgrove
          Nina May Musgrove
          Route 2 Okla.
          Box 9
Page 002
found I had missed my train so bought a ticket by way of Waurika
then got scared and phoned Richmond to meet me in Waurika
waited all day was so tired when I got to Waurika no Richmond but was
a family stayed there so I curled up like a tramp and slept for a
couple of hours at five Richmond came and said he had missunderstood
and had hunted every where for me. So we came back together.

May 20 '16 Was very hungry when I got home but was happy got my boys
picture was very good. Phoned home and they came in and took me home.

May 21 '16 Sunday Put my pink silk on and went to Baccalaureate
service. Rode home with Dora and Eugene and was lonesome the
Page 003
the day Mother and I went to church again at night.

May 22, 1916. Was feeling bad laid around all day went to
Commencement with Lura and Nellie then went back with dear father and

May 23 '16 Miss Evans coaxed me to go to Edmond Wednesday so I went
to work to get ready could hardly drag told them I had the Measles
but they would not believe it and laughed. Phoned Richmond to come
out their made Divinity Clara came to visit sent her father a box
of candy.
Ironed and Richmond came had supper and a lovely drive. Children
stayed with me.

May 24 '16 Dressed and all ate breakfast together Mother and Eugene
gave me some pretty pink rose buds. Met Miss Evans and
Page 004
she, Mr. Woodward and I came up the line together. I was so sick I
could hardly drag. Met Mrs. Cotton at El Reno and I had a little chat.
Arrived in Edmond carried our suit cases up here and went to bed
with a terrible fever. Wrote to Richmond and Mother while they were
at supper as I had mine in the room.

May 20 '16 Coult not go to enroll at seven they called Dr. Lyon.

May 26 '16 Oh so sick had a terrible night called Dr. again he
pronounced it M-e-a-s-l-e-s. was quarantined.

May 21, '16 Lura enters and Miss Evans evaporates to see about a

May 28, 16. Lura reads story, You and me. I am a terrible sight
measles, measles.
Page 005
May 29, '16 A dreary Sunday in the evening Mildred and Gladys Renner,
Beulah Materner, and Carmalete Barnhill came and look theough the
bars and talk.

May 30 '16 Lura leaves me. I get up and dress Miss Evans arrives at
eleven but I do not let her in. I eat and sleep and live alone.

May 31, '16 A little stronger copy a few lines of recipes and clean
up a little. Write to Richmond.

June 1, '16 Wednesday Dr. Lyon visits says I am doing well. Write a
card to mother and write some more in book.

June 2, '16 Receive a good letter from Richmond tat a letter.

June 2, '16 Find out do not have to go to school for another week.
Get a letter from mother about Alfred,Jr and Dora.
Page 006
June 4, '16 Lyon tells Flesher to let me out which he does. Effie
and I sit on the trunk for three hours while they fumigate.
I find a nurse in Jones but it don't amount to -- thunder. Receive
a long letter from the jeweler.

June 5, '16 All moved in again Lura goes to church.

June 6, '16 Girls go to school and I clean up and tat and crochet.

June 7, '16 Finish Lura's tatting and my towel.

June 8, '16 Intended tot start school but have the rheumatism so bad
can not walk. Receive letter from mother and the boy. Finish Miss
Evans tatting and my dresser scarf.

June 9, '16 complete Dorothy's tatting and write her a letter write
to Walters and manage to walk to hear Dr.
Page 007
Grigg's lecture on Julius Caesar. Miss Evans calls me a stoic but
Griggs said women are not stoic as in the case of Portia.

June 10, Go to hear Dr. Griggs lecture on Macbeth is good but how
terrible then come home and finish Lura's apron and go again at night
and hear the Tempest. Did not enjoy it is so much as was so tired.
Received letter from the family enjoy these except the one about Dora.

June 11, '16 Lura goes to church I feel sad so do not indulge. We
take a stroll down to see Elsie. Then I came home and the girls
attend the Vespers service. I start a letter to Richmond.

June 12 '16. I started to C. S. Wand they sent me to town nearly
broke myself buying. Came home tired. Then at ten went to stay with
Page 008
while the girls went to school. Missed a class came home for the mail
got letter from Grace and Dora but not the other one I was wanting(?)

June 13, '16 Went to work in good earnest made some of the best
strawberry short cake were some what better than my biscuits also
received a dandy letter which raiseed my spirits. Oh, Yes Miss
Walker appeared on the scene kept rather busy answering melodious
call. Had a terrible storm after hot sultry day.

June 14, '16 Finished my letter to J.R. enjoyed work to day received
a letter from Lorie have lots of work to do today. Went to county
meeting was four or five present.

June 15, '16 Went to hear the apollo club was disappointed was not
so good as
Page 009
last year. Made some fine cheese biscuit in Done Sei.

June 16, '16 Had a picnic at Devils Den had a nice time served
weinies, bread, butter, pickles and marshmallows. Cotton County gave
it in honor of Miss Evans.

June 17, '16. Miss Evans left us today Lura and I went down to see
her off. When came back cleared things in general. Paid Dr six rocks
Received "letter".

June 18, '16. Wrote several letters one in particular which went to
Dixie boy. In afternoon went to "lover's rock".
Miss Luteral, Lura, Effie and I rather enjoyed it water flowed over
it prettyly. Girls went to Vesper Service and came home weeping for
"Home Sweet Home".

June 19, '16. Had a terrible spell of sore eyes. Made some good
"lemon pie". Skipped chapel and became endangered. Laid around all
after noon became
Page 010
so home sick nearly died.

June 20, '16. Eyes not well home sick still started dress is going to
be pretty. In evening had a pillow fight Lura, Cecil and Gladys all
try to take my pillow away from me. Cousins came to see me which
relieves me som. Invitation to go to Meridian. Think I shall go.

June 21, '16. Made some good "ginger-bread" distributed it in
assembly. Am getting along find in penmanship. Am expecting a letter
to-morrow but home hope I get it tonight. Started my drawing am
doing nicely. Received letter from dear Mother who is tired out wish
I were home to help he poor dear. Think I shall do the cooking when
I get home as she will be worn out. Lura has company so I must stop.
Didn't get my letter.

Page 011
June 22, '16. Have not received my letter yet. Had a great assembly
to-day. R. W. Wilson, State Supt. of school, gave fine talk on
"teacher's duty" then had a Mr. Claxton from Washington D.C. and at
close Dr. Stan Jordan arrived. Everyone has gone to the lecture and
I am "longing" Hear the band playing "God be with you till we meet
again". Am beginning to catch up with my work of which I am so glad.

June 23, '16. Started from Dorm Scie room before time thinking I'd
get away from chapel met Miss Hopkins in door made excuse and
started back she turned her back so got away after all Ha, Ha.
Also fixed the water pipe for Mrs. Henley. "Thank God for his will
in making me a jack of all trades." Help some-body
Page 012
to-day somebody along life's way."
Had a nice shower suppose I will go to the lecture to-night.
Got a letter from my boy which pleased me. Also got a lot of work

June 24, '16. Did a big washing and ironed some. Sent a letter,
washed my head, and other things too numerous to mention. I long for
home to night. Is raining to beat the band. Read in paper of first
battle of Mexican war.

June 25, 1916. Rained again last night and Mrs. Henley made us go to
the cave almost had to swim out rained until late this morning so
did not go to church went to Vesper Service had Octette from First
Baptist church Okla City
Page 013
They sang "Hallelujah for the Cross" and then on of the Octette spoke
on "Abide with me". He was a railroad man and said he had just sent
a train load of soldiers off to the front. Oh how sad it was he said
One poor boy said, some of us will return and some of us won't."
He said every one should have a first hour for the Great Almighty,"
everyday. Have written three letters on to my dear tired mother one
to the boy and one to Miss Evans.

June 26, '16. Worked hard all day went to town after mail and other
things in after noon was about all in when came back. Worked some
more and went to bed.

June 27, '16. Worked some no letters had a scrap with Gladys over
muddy feet. What fools some folks are.
Page 014
June 28, '16 Still no mail had two lectures from Mrs. Beecher over
"The Mill on the Floss" which was fine and "Witches of the Night"
which was extra. I forgot las night Miss Lutteral, Effie, and I
went to the show when came home woke Lura up and had a spread, Pop
corn, and candy.

June 29, '16. Received a letter from my best friend on earth "My
Mother". It was short and sweet. I wish I were with he and could
help her peal potatoes for threshers. Completed my Dorm Art note
book. Am going to the lecture to-night also Vesper Service.

June 30, '16. Received a dear letter went to lecture by Miss
Beecher packed my gup for a fevered trip and decided to go Sat morn
at five.
Page 015
Saw Mrs. Pick, she invited me to visit her which I think I shall do

July 1, '16. Well I got up just as the train pulled out so caught the
next one arrived all ok stayed with Cousin Lottie and family wrote
a letter also rested some and went to church in the eveninng also
to see Lucy.

July 2, '16. Got up and went to S.S. and preaching. Had dinner and
then walked out to cousin Easter's for supper then looked at Flower
Land and walked back to church then moved down to Cousin Lottie's
wrote a letter of the negroes cow bells and Mother Nature in general.

July 3, '16. Got up and made my waist had old Black David take
Page 016
a tack out of my shoe. Went and called on Grace and stayed for supper
Ethel prepared it. Then went up to see Ray and Mary in the little
log cabin.

July 4, Got up early helped to get dinner all had it together on
Cousins poarch. Those present were Cousin Lottie and David Johnson,
Edna, Opal, Ray, and David,Jr. Cousin Lucy and Miles Allen Cousin
Milton and Easter Allen, Leon, Toddy and Earl. Cousin John and Grace
Allen, Earnest, Ethel, Alfred, Mildred. Cousin Ray and May, Le Roy.
In after wards had ice cream and later caught a five o'clock train
for Guthrie where we waite and then almost missed a seat.
Was sad because had to leave
Page 017
Conductor said "What's the use" which is all quite true. Very hot day.
July 5, '16. Worked hard all day went to campus to celebrate fourth
with games and tableaus. Told Essie of a school.

July 6, '16. Went to fourth celebration was very good had grandmarch
flag drill and Polka Croquette which were cute. When got home
studied some. Fretted for some mail.

July 7, '16. Went to chapel took dress for airoplane fund also took
some chocolate cake to chapel all enjoyed it. Roy gave me some
pansies. Received letter from a sick boy also from mother. Took off
some patterns wrote a letter and finished note book homesick.

July 8, '16. Got my dress near done
Page 018
did a lot of work that had to be made up Dreamed of home. Went to
school to make up for Monday. Had a number of visitors even though
I was not prepared. Lura received a letter which told of father
illness. Just think three more weeks.

July 9. Cleaned house and had a nap read my letters and the Pictorial
Review and Ladies Home Journal. Dress in my tatting and went to
Vesper Service enjoyed it very much. Also went to Baptist Church
for service in evening.

July 10, Hiked for school made some potato doughnuts which were fine
received several compliments on them. In evening went to hear Francis
Inman sing was very good. She had beautiful clothes but very few
of them.

July 11, '16. Rather under the weather sewed
Page 019
some. had Moonlight school movement at chapel this morning lasted
over two hours sure was hot and tired when got through.

July 12. Had a fine program at chapel had it early. Worked hard all
day. In evening went to hear Miss Ingram sing some german, French,
Irish, Russian and Norwegian songs also "Loves old sweet song"
which was very sweet.

July 13. Was sick all night at no breakfast went to school Miss Mae
Thompson came to see us had a nice chat. Also had a letter from my
sick sister who is some better again. I want another letter. Had
some chats and looked at pictures. Good night.

July 14, Went to art exhibit saw some very interesting things saw
some pictures portrayed by real
Page 020
persons such as the "Money Changers". Scenes from the "South" as
"Old Black Joe". In evening went to hear Miss Ingram, The Prima
Dona from Chicago. She sang "The Nightingale", "The Last Hour",
"The Pleading of Rachael". After came home we played Rook until the
eclipse left the moon was ou nearly all evening. Almost total eclipse.

July 15. Got up late went to breakfast had caller, Miss Howard also
Mr. Rollins who caused Miss Lutterall much mortification. Also Mr.
Fisher and friend who caused some fleeing in Gladys and Hattie.
Finished my D.S. waist also some crochet and made some cute match
scratcher. Cleaned house
Page 021
and other things too numerous to mention. Intended to go see Mrs.
Pickaill but she had gone to Stillwater.

July 16. No mail from my boy what is the trouble? Had letter from
Dora, Mother, Miss Oliver, Virda. Poor Miss O. why do people suffer
so? No one but the Great Almighty can tell.
Took some pictures think they will be good.

July 17. Did our usual work then at three-thirty went down to go to
Guthrie missed first call as were so crowded caught the next one
had quite a scramble. Talked with El Reno conductor found out how to
go home stole Koonsmillers pass. Went to the gem theater returned
Page 022
                                        Edmond, Okla
                                        July 15, 1916
My Darling ---
I am so homesick for you to-night I wish I were with you taking a
drive in the beautiful moonlight. I am afraid that my boy does not
care for me any more or he would have written to me. I have not
heard from him for nine days so is he sick, the last letter I
received he was Oh! why hasn't he written to the poor little
lonesome girlie who loves him more than any one else Oh! why do we
have to suffer so much what were some of us sent to this world for
any how! why didn't we die when born so would not have to suffer so,
but I guess we were put here for a purpose so
Page 023
we must do our best and trust to the One above who knows and
rules all.

Oh if I were only home I would feel so happy thank goodness it is
only one week and a half and I will get to see him if nothing else
Oh if he will only think of me as before I will live in hopes anyhow.
Good night dear one. May God watch over you and may you love me
as of old.
                              Your loving girlie
                              Nina M.
Page 024
home about twelve sang all the way. Had a very nice time also laid
in a supply of music am anxious to get home to learn them.

July 18, Well could hardly crawl out this morning went to class
and found out were going to have assembly early so did not have class
will have it a four to cook for the banquet.
Came home and cut me out a waist to wear to Norman. Longed for home
while I worked. Hope I get a letter have not heard for nearly two

July 19, Received a joe dandy letter. We made cheese straws yesterday
they were fine received many comps. Finished my dress to-day. Miss
Galbrath thought it fine wished
Page 025
she had it for display. Received A on my Domestic Science note book.
Had a lovely northerner to night which cooled the world some.

July 20, Had a lovely rain to night. Went to vesper out on the lawn
had orchestra and Chorus who sang "Jesus Lover of my soul" also
Quartette and Mrs. Williams who sang "Where is my wandering boy to
night" and quartette from window sang "Tell Mother I'll be there".

July 21, Dedication day for Evans Hall had long service six fainted.
I cooked in the evening was sick but at six went back and helped
serve Alumni Banquet. Never was so tired find Miss Galbreth needs
her voice sandpapered
Page 026
went back at six and worked until twelve came home alone in the dark
worn out and scared to death.

July 22. Got up and went to Norman was about two hundred went was
a terrible sight went to University our "jitney" from asylum came
Okla City at three went and purchased a "Perfect Day" Little Pink
Rose and others wait to Mrs. Welchens had some music in Evening went
to Liberty. Saw a dandy show which made me home sick.

July 23, Almost slept selves to death sang and had good time in
general. Came home at five was so hot and tired.
Page 027
July 24. Recieved the best letter was certainly what I needed.
Have a terrible cold.

July 25. Went to school had class meeting invitation to drink punch.
Went at two thirty had some good punch and received our Diplomas.
Going home in the morning Oh! how happy. Saw Mrs. Pickenll had a
little chat. Going to promenade in assembly to-morrow.

July 26. Had a big day in assembly. Gave Evan's several presents
went home got ready for home had supper and a chat girls went to
train with me met Mr. Huff changed cars in city saw a fine looking
young man dark kept watching us got off car at Yukon.
Page 028
July 27.
Still riding got in Waurika cleaned up and started for home got to
town had to phone folks mailed letter stayed with Miss Oliver until
folks came in Evening received phone.

July 28. Straightened up clothes and washed had a caller and a
lovely drive with Richmond.

July 29, Ironed until almost green also baked some my first angle

July 30. Went to Baptist meeting saw boy brought home with me sick
had a lovely day took him back in evening James and I.

July 31. Helped Dora sew.

August 1. Sewed some also was given a will be by the name of Bill
will try my
Page 029
hand as Dr. also company for Grace and an Ice Cream surprise.

Aug 2. Helped Dora wash tried to make some Fondant, Confound it.
Copied some recipes. Ollie called.

Aug 3. Grace's people leave I catch a ride to town with Mrs. Snyder.
See my boy on the street. Go to Ollie's for dinner have a nice time
informed about Verda's class surprise stay to see it well done.
Take Virda walking to see "My favorite hymn" who runs off. Stay all
night had a good time and made a bathing suit.

Aug 4. Folks came after me and I go swimming see it who comes across
street to see me. Wanted to take him swimming but couldn't.
Page 030
Got a ducking at the well.

Aug 5. Clean up in general so will be ready for Sunday.

Aug 6. Went to church wanted to my boy but did not get him. Came home
and had dinner at Grace's the first one was very good came back and
waited but no boy, had a watermellon and marshmellows.

Aug 7. Washed had a sick little mother. Received a very dear letter.
Looks like rain. Had a letter from my long lost Cousin Velda
Johnson also one from May Thompson says it is dry in Mangum the cats
can't spit.

Aug 8. Ironed some. Had a lovely six mile drive in the moonlight also
a nice little scare. Also hear of Malone tradagy
Page 031
Aug 9. Lura called brought me another film help Dora some and other
things too numerous to mention canned cling peaches.

Aug 10. Helped Dora wash. Sent to town with Gene for developing
powders develop four films were fine.

Aug 11. Made a top for cistern wrote a letter and canned some
Alberta peaches read some.

Aug 12. Did Saturdays work Lura came and made some pictures but
fixing bath was no good.

Aug 13. Went to church in afternoon Richmond and Mr. Lang came out
stayed for supper and then went to church had lovely time.

Aug 14. Monday did work in general
Page 032
had another letter from my long lost cousin Velda.

Aug 15. Sewed some and went to church.

Aug 16. Father comes home rather battered up. Prince kicked him.

Aug 17. Go after cows on Dobin which nearly does me up. No mail

Aug 18. Do some carpenter work with father's aid.

Aug 19. Sick & Lonely.

Aug 20. Go to church stay at Wards see my boy visit Ollie and Glen.
"My boy no longer".

Aug 21. Begin my school note book to passaway time, telephone

Aug 22. Washed and had company who walk so far to see me.

Aug 22. Tried to get my crowd for the party.
Page 033
Aug 24. Prepare lunch for party.

Aug 25, '16. Had party those present were Lura Weathers, Effie Hayes,
Virda Leney and Agnes Ward, Minnie Fitzgerald, Ollie Snyder, Harold
Ruyle, Claude Buffalo, and Richmond.

Aug 16, '16. Lura spends part of the day with me.

Aug 17, '16. Move to Mrs. Darbs go to Stella's for dinner. Go
kodaking with the crowd bid good-bye to My boy.

Aug 28. Lonesome my boy left this morning go to teachers meeting.

Aug 29. Go for my watch.

Aug 30. Go to prayer meeting see and old friend Charley Price.

Aug 31. Receive a dear little note. Go to see Dr. Beckham.
Page 034
Sept 1. Rest up for school.

Sept 2. Sew got to faculty meeting.

Sept 3. Go to Si. S have father and mother for dinner. Miss my boy.

Sept 4. Start on my job like it fine.

Sept 5. Receive the dearest letter.

Sept 6. Mrs. D arrives prepare to move.

Sept 7. Move to Mrs. Wards.

Sept 8. Plan to go home.

Sept 9. Go home. Eula Ree goes with me when get there Mr. and Mrs.

Sept 10. Mrs. Ruyle and Ward are there for dinner then we girls go
to water cattle with Eugene and James and Kenneth.

Sept 11. Go to church and stay at
Page 035
Wards for dinner miss my boy so much.

Sept 12. Receive another letter which hurts me so much.

Sept 13. Go to prayer meeting and choir practice. Made Hectograph.

Sept 14. Hectograph some and do some darning.

Sept 15. Last day of hall duty this week. Went home and painted my
doz plates.

Sept 16, '16 Picked some cotton and went with sister to water the

Sept 17, '16. Went to church got a dandy letter from Cousin Velda.

Sept 18, '16. Look for letter but did not get it. Burned all my
old letters as have no more use for them. Kept my bachelors
twenty-four though.
Page 036
would not burn them for any thing.

Sept 19, '16. Hard days work. Two new pupils in all 48. Got my long
wished for letter.

Sept 20, '16. Answer letter. Rec'd comp. from Mr. Cotton. Heard had
best room in school. Sending this to my boy.
Page 037
Sept 21, 1916. Worked hard all day am going to paint.

Sept 22. Went home.

Sept 23. Sewed some and then went with sister to water cattle a
phone call, and company and chocolates.

Sept 24. Had a lovely drive with the batchlor and evening of trouble.
Sang for S.S.

Sept 25, Worn out and lonely also tardy am going to paint did not
go on account of teachers meeting hunt for boy do not find him.

Sept 26, Receive a dear sad letter and answer it go get a new suit
and hat brown.

Sept 27. Work hard and then go to Prayer meeting.
Page 038
Sept 28, Went down to paint had, a big time paint five pin trays.

Sept 29. Have to learn quotation from Hiawatha for music club tonight.
Ye whose hearts are fresh and simple
Who have faith in God and nature
Who believe that in all ages
Every human heart is human
That in even savage nations bosoms
There are longings, yearnings, strivings.
For the good we comprehend not.

Sept 30, Went home and got clothes in shape.
Page 039
Sept 31. Went to Sunday School went with Dora to water cattle.

Oct 1, Started a letter to my boy and visited Earnest.

Oct 2. Was late to school.

Oct 3. Received a letter a good one. Lost my Chinese pattern.

Oct 4. Answered the letter and went to Prayer meeting.

Oct 5. Went to Broadway to practice for Program.

Oct 6. Had Representative Art was very good my Chinese Boys did
nicely went home.

Oct 7. Went home and fixed mother's dress and some other sewing.

Oct 8. Went to Temple with Hutchinson's to S.S. convention also
took dinner with Miss

Evans. Rec'd letter from Velda.

Oct 9. Did a great deal of School work.

Oct 10. Am going to paint hope I get my letter. Got it and finish
all my china first coat.

Oct 11. Answered my letter am going to prayer meeting.
Had no lights at prayer meeting.

Oct 12. Did lots of school work and tatted had a spell over my boy.

Oct 13. Turned school out early and went to the game won 70 to 0
also went home saw Jim.

Oct 14. Did some odd jobs.

Oct 15. Rained some had company went horse back riding.

Oct 16. Had diptheria scare
Page 041
Oct 17. Tatted and received invitation to Yoernan lodge Mon eve.
Also got a little letter.

Oct 19. Did some hectographing went to show.

Oct 20. Went to Lura's and staid all night. Eff went also.

Oct 21, Saturday herded and did some remodeling.

Oct 22. Wen to church and played with kids. Sister there for supper.
Looked in vain.

Oct 23. Hoping I'll get a letter. Miss Evans comes to lodge.

Oct 24. Received a dear letter an answered it.

Oct 25. Went to prayer meeting.

Oct 26. Did some serving.

Oct 27. Went home and got
Page 042
my Japanese kamino.

Oct 28. Made some clothes and prepared dinner for drummer Mr.

Oct 29. My boy arrives go for a long quto ride with Ollie, Lenney
and Jim.

Oct 30. My boy comes again.

Oct 31. A lovely evening and a spree planned.

Nov 1. Go to the show Barmem and Bailey have a lovely time and a
sad farewell.

Nov 2. My boy misses noon train and so he goes in Eve. I go to see
him off also receive a letter. Scrap over song.

Nov 3. Hard day am going home to night.

Nov 4. Worked hard all day.

Nov 5. Go to church, read, sleep and play with kids.
Page 043
Nov 6. Plan Thanksgiving program. Look for a letter.

Nov 7, Go on visit miss O.

Nov 8, Go to prayer meeting.

Nov 9. Get me a new serge dress brown.

Nov 10. Wrtie a letter to my boy. Go home after music club.

Nov 11. Go home and make over Japanese Kinoma. Received several
comps. Turns very cold.

Nov 12. Do not go to church hug stove all day. Go back at night and
go to church.

Nov 13. Look for letter and get ready for teachers association.

Nov 14. Work on cupboard it looks very well went home late and
go my letter and
Page 044
Oh what a good one it was.

Nov 15. Go to prayer meeting answer my letter. Work on dress.

Nov 16. Worked for teachers association. Went to hear Mr. Pucket
from Mass. speak.

Nov 17. Work on dress almost finished. Teachers meeting good went to
ball game to hear Mr. Pucket and then home. Received comp on room.

Nov 18. Sewed until green eyed.

Nov 19. Came to church then visited Earnest and to Dora's for supper.

Nov 20. Late to school.

Nov 21. Waiting for a letter. Very cold day.

Nov 22. Go to prayer meeting by myself.

Nov 23. Go to see Miss O.
Page 045
look for a letter and get it.

Nov 24, '16. Go home.

Nov 25, '16. Sick headache.

Nov 26, '16. Stay home have Thanksgiving dinner send boy box of

Nov 27, '16. Work hard sewing.

Nov 28, '16. Went to town and got a letter. Caught a kid stealing
an apple.

Nov 29, '16. Went to Ok City to teachers association.

Nov 30, '16. See Miss Wingit.

Dec 1, '16. Come home stay at words.

Dec 2, '16. Go home and sew some.

Dec 3. '16. Come to church.

Dec 4, '16. Do a great deal of work.

Dec 5, '17. Made Santa Clause blotters.

Dec 6, '18. Go to Prayer meeting and choir Practice.
Page 046
My Boy
I love my boy he's always so true.
With his curly hair and his eyes of blue.
That look so sad and seem to say
I'm sorry I'm not with you to day.
I love my boy because he's so calm
And if I'm afraid keeps me from harm.
By his sheltering arms and loving smile,
Oh! he's the boy that is worth while.
I love my boy for his kind sweet way
Page 047
His tender smile and his handsome face.
So neat, so tender, so kind, so true
With those eyes that always sympathize with you.
I love my boy for his common service.
His determined ways and
Page 048
Dec 7. Buy a tie for my boy.

Dec 8. Go home work on Xmas stuff.

Dec 9. Help Dora some and iron.

Dec 10. Still no letter. Go to church.

Dec 11. Begin Xmas Cantata. Receive my letter.

Dec 12. Went to Blairs to Music Club.

Dec 13. Claud brought me home from Music Club.

Dec 14. Go to prayer meeting. Was very cold.

Dec 15. Practice some more.

Dec 16. Get home and prepare my stuff for teachers association.

Dec 17. Sew some.

Dec 18. Go to church and S.S.

Dec 19. Practice Cantata got soprano part of (solo) trio very pretty.

Dec 20. Loan my music "Oklahoma"
Page 049
to Miss Weekley.

Dec 21. Dismiss for teachers association have the Gripp.

Dec 22. I go home Oh! so sick work on curtains. A letter.

Dec 23. Loth and can hardly get up Dora's go to Xmas tree.

Dec 24. Go to church stay up to practice Cantata have a scrap with
Eldredge. Have Cantata is real good. Large crowd.

Dec 25. "No Boy." At noon a box of Kings' I received, 2 combing
packets, pair of garters, 2 pictures, 2 bottles of perfume, Sweet
grass basket, box of stationary, 2 handkerchiefs, 1 crochet corset
cover, 1 crochet towel, Six pieces of music, 1 oil painting,
1 crochet necktie, 1 china vase, 1 water color picture.

Dec 26. Lonesome and weary
Page 050
Dec 27. Sew some and prepare for company.

Dec 28. Florence and Leonard write will be here soon.

Dec 29. They come have a bunch all evening.

Dec 30. Go to Earnests for dinner boys go hunting supper with Dora.

Dec 31. Leonard catches early train have a new tatting shuttle. Talk
of Martha and her position.

Jan 1, '17. Go to work again. Some new ones as usual.

Jan 2, 17. Another good letter.

Jan 3, '17. Go to choir practice and prayer meeting.

Jan 4, 17. Long distance for Eugene. Death of his father.

Jan 5. Try to coax my boy to come see me. But he doesn't care.

Jan 6. Dora and I haul load of alfalfa hay.
Page 051
Jan 7. Help do work and come back to town in the evening. Meetings

Jan 8. Receive a letter sure was glad. go to church.

Jan 9. Try to finish dresser scarf.

Jan 10, '17. Very good crowd at church.

Jan 11, '17. Attend prayer meetings and church, and Eugene and
Martha and Auntie arrive.

Jan 12, Go home and visit Martha fix come pictures. Very cold.

Jan 13. Coax Martha over to see me and then did not get to go to

Jan 14. Came to church Miss Miles said, "She missed me." Stay in
town the rest of the day. Miss Oliver and I go to the P.O. get
parcel and candy.
Page 052
Jan 15. Still hold meetings.

Jan 16,'17 Have Ladies prayer meeting at Mrs. Mcall's Six present.

Jan 17. Very cold few out to services.

Jan 18. More at prayer meetings Lodge meeting good.

Jan 19. Go home Auntie has gripp.

Jan 27. Auntie very low. Sit up all night.

Jan 28. Auntie passes away. Mrs. Mcall & Miller and mamma sit up.

Jan 29. Go to train for Mrs. Dikeman. Receive a letter sure was
good. Funeral services. go to Senior play. Good.

Jan 30. Write a letter and set my work going again.

Jan 31. Go to Lyceum.

Feb 1. Earnest very sick. Had hard days work.
Page 053
Feb 2. Groundhog sees his shadow.

Feb 3. Complete my boys shoes.

Feb 4. Do not go to church as have too many sick.

Feb 5. Work on dresser scarfs.

Feb 6. Receive letter saying he may go to Miss.

Feb 8. Buy mother birthday dress.

Feb 9. Go home help take care of house.

Feb 10. Hide out mother's dress. Comer to church in evening.

Feb 11. Lots of sickness. Do not go to church in morning.

Feb 12. Receive a letter saying May be to see me Sat.

Feb 13. Answer at once. Mother comes in to see me.

Feb 14. Go home. Have program, good.

Feb 15. Look for boy to come.
Page 054
Feb 16. Receive a letter; that boy will be in in the morning, may be?

Feb 17. My boy did not come. Disappointed of course.

Feb 18. Receive another letter to belated answer to Union, Miss.

Feb 19. Recieved another letter mailed before starting surprised.

Feb 20. My boy's birthday. I wish I could see him.

Feb 21. Complete my waist also almost finish mother's dress.

Feb 22. Mother's birthday. Went to Program in basement.

Feb 23. Go home and take a rest go see Earnest.

Feb 24. Have dinner with Dora then came to town in water wagon.

Feb 25. Attend christin meeting. Heard The Jack fray and whistle.
Page 055
Feb 26. Stay home with Thelma for Mrs. Ward.

Feb 27. Go to choir practice then to Meetings also receive a box
of candy for paying my debts.

Feb 28. Go church.

Mar 1. Teachers send Mr. Woodward bouquet of flowers.

Mar 2. Go home and enjoy life.

Mar 3. Sew some.

Mar 4. Go to church. Peace meeting Mr. Woodward dies at nine.

Mar. 5 Mr. Woodward dies.

Mar 6. Preparation for funeral in State at school house pretty

Mar 7. Funeral help at Presbyterian church. Beautiful flowers.
Page 056
Mar 8. A gloom is hovering today. Receive a letter. Ans.

Mar 9. Go to Teacher's meeting rather interesting visiting day
learned how to keep time from Mr. Burrows. Go to hear a Reader.
Stay with Miss Es.

Mar 10. Go back hear Mr. Caldwell very good. Stay here all night.
Play rook not very satisfactory.

Mar 11. Go to church get a card my boy is coming home also his
people poor kid missed his train.

Mar 12. Come to lyceum on Pottery certainly was fine Blitz Leonex
China American Best.

Mar 13. Plan for contest also go to choir practice.
Page 057
Mar 14. Receive a letter from Mae Thompson.

Mar 15. Lura goes to Edmond.

Mar 16. Go home have a chille meeting; very good time.

Mar 17. Play with kids have a good time.

Mar 18. Go to church then Dora's go to church.

Mar 19. Begin my border of March, April, May That I dreamed of.

Mar 20. Select my story titles.
also go to choir practice. Receive letter.

Mar 21. Go talk to Miss Oliver.

Mar 22. Prepare to paint draw all of my designs.

Mar 23. Mother and father come after me. Tired out.

Mar 24. Do numerous jobs and eat supper with Dora.
Page 058
Mar 25. Come to school sing a solo all enjoy it especially the
red headed man.

Mar 26. Go to work again what am I going to do for a job?
Ich wist nicht. There may be a chance for primary.

Mar 27. Mrs. Miller arrives answered Lura's letter. Go to practice
to Miss O.

Mar 28. Still kicking wore my new apron am begged to stay on.

Mar 29. Went to see Miss found her very blue. See.

Mar 30. Go home. Am very much surprised with a new carpet for my
room and the other things too numerous to mention.

Mar 31 Work over Several things.

Apr 1, 17. April Fool Sing a duet Mr. Ford and I.
Apr 2. Miss Evans returns thank
Page 059

Apr 3. Plan to go to Lawton.

Apr 4. Go to choir practice hear some news from an old friend.
Receive a dandy good letter and answer same.

Apr 5. Go to prayer meeting press my clothes. Was beaten out of
a nick.

Apr 6. I believe I'm sick and will have to go see my kinfolks ha!

Apr 7. Alumni meeting last night. Go to Lawton. Had a nice time went
to the show. Met Mr. Spouslor & Carroll.

Apr 8. Return home. Have our chance was very good.

Apr 9 '17. Plan picnic. Also write my application.

Apr 10. Went on the picnic had a very nice time. Miss Joelette fell
in the creek.

Apr 11. Worked hard on display.

Apr 12. Worked from seven until
Page 060
until 8 putting display in shape.

Apr 13. Have won all the cipering also several spelling contest
Music under 13 and Essay. Maxine won first place in story telling.

Apr 14. Went home won a great deal of the first places.

Apr 15. Came to church and again in the evening.

Apr 16. Went home very early as I was tired.

Apr 17. Phone call that Alfred and family have arrived. Start to
walk home but get a ride with a good looking man from Lawton.

Apr 18. Come to school am going home again receive a letter and
answer it. Wrote to Lura for more paper spend a nice evening.

Apr 19. Go home sick. See Dr. Beckham says my throat is in bad
Page 061
go to bed then get up in cold and go to Dora's for supper.

Apr 20. Have a notion not to go to school but finally get up my
courage am tardy but Mr. Cotton asks if I'll stay for sixty dollars
and I sure say yes and get it go to Earnest five.

Apr 21. Hardly able to do any thing too but manage to help a little
am anxious to hear from my boy again. Had our pictures taken
are very good.

Apr 22. Help Dora get dinner Loney and mamma go to church.

Apr 23. Come back to work an invitation to supper freely accept.
Mr. Sultan treats us well. Had lovely fish for supper.

Apr 24. Wake up with a very bad throat. Allie leaves on the morning
train. I am still waiting for my letter. Have rec'd no letters yet.

Apr 25. Work as little as possible and go
Page 062
to be am not able to go to prayer meeting.

Apr 26. Try to plan a Pations day program.

Apr 27. Go home and sew some. Mrs. Ward caught the tonsilitus Verda's
school is out.

Apr 28. Go home and find James has the measles so all are in for it.

Apr 29. Mother and father come to church still looking for a letter
but receive none. Allie calls so go to the train to meet him.

Apr 30. Catch a ride out home still have the tonsilitus mother
doctors me. May make baskets.

May 1. Receive a couple of may baskets. Go to choir practice have a
good time.

May 2. Still looking for my letter have almost given up hopes. Am
sick to my stomach to-day.
Page 063
May 3. Oh! dear what is the use? Received a good letter from May but
that doesn't fill the bill.

May 4. Girls went to Lawton to-day. Finished my book "Jack Harkaway"
last night (That is the book not this story.)
Am going home again this evening. I think I shall fix my dress for

May 5. Went home and did some much needed mending, ironing and etc.
Loney moves to pest house.

May 6. Go to Dorcas for dinner enjoyed it. Kids broke out with
measles. Also had lovely drizzle of rain.

May 7. Came to school went to Methodist Ladies for dinner then in
evening made a Carrie Nation March down church street. Bought a new
silk shirt and a hat.

May 7. Spent an unpleasant night had finally got off to school.
Page 064
May 9, '17. Went to Alumni meeting got things going my way I think.
Also went to choir practice and pulled off a stunt have my new
silk skirt half finished. Got up early and hectographed my
invitations before school. Did some practicing Poor Bonniie got her
finger mashed.

May 10. Got up early and fussed myself up. Did some practicing. Had
several visitors. Mr. Horn, Mrs. Lantz, Mrs. Rogers and daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. Sneed, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. McCullers, Mrs. Lewis and
Mrs. McNath. My Patron Program was very good every one did well
got a nice comp from Dr. Sneed?

May 11. Mr. Meyers meet me and asked for my chairs. He's a dear.
Received two more invitations am going to the
Page 065
play tonight and take Martha? Thought of a boy to-day again.
Wouldn't I be ticked if hid drop down.

May 13. Went to Baccaler Sermon then to Dora's for dinner and then
to church and received a ducking on my new skirt. Sang my song did
all Ok!

May 14. Worked hard on our reports am blessed with hall duty, went
to show.

May 15. Sewed some.

May 16. Worked hard made some white collars.

May 17. Had James as company alsome girls as visitors went to
Senior Class day.

May 18. Finished up cards and gave them out and Bid them a sad
Goodbye. Went to Commencement. Then home.

May 19. Did some odd jobs received a dear letter at last. Move
some sand and
Page 066
raised the yard.

May 20, '17. Father and I go to church went to Methodist. Do nothing
but dream of my boy. All the kids home to dinner have a nice time.

May 21. Sew some also do some carpenter work on the door. Clean up
the house while mother goes to town. Find she has the shingles.

May 22. Am going to answer my letter can not wait any longer make
some pies do very well.

May 23. Finished my letter tried to coax my boy to come see me.
Caught a ride to town and lady ran into me with a car. Horrid thing
No 56836. Some good men took pity on us. Went to see Loney off.
Went to the banquet had a lovely time. Geo Jr hurt himself to be nice.

May 24. Came home early then went back
Page 067
to town paid all Alumni debts. Had a talk with Geo. Jr. Purchased
some sewing. Have my new mustard waist started.

May 25. Worked hard on my waist finished moveing the pile of dirt
from cistern but received no letter.

May 26. No letter yet. Finished waist and cleaned house.

May 27. Went to church in a gale came home in car, but no boy or
no letter.

May 28. Did a big washing got through by four.

May 29. Finished our ironing by twelve. Went to mail. Got a dear
letter from my boy.

May 30. Got up early to see Martha off. Answered my letter and
wrote a dandy to Velda.

May 31. Started mother's dress halved the beans and had a nice
shower also
Page 068
some hail.

June 1, Sewed some more and hard come more. Went with father after
the cows.

June 2. Went to Dora's in the evening and ate ice cream. Am rather
nervous over registration.

June 3. Went to church and Sunday School wore my new waist. Mrs.
Anderson and I looked the best she had ever seen me. Rode home
with Mr. Ruyle in the new Chevrolet and they stayed with us to
dinner. Then had some more ice cream and a cry for 'my boy'.

June 4. Was sick with bilious fever was not able to help mother wash.

June 5. Eugene goes to Okla City and change my boarding place. Had
a terrible dust storm got  letter from Nelson, Lela and Martha.

June 6. Still with Dora am enjoying it fine.

June 7. Eugene gets back so I come home finish my bed suit. Have a
bad storm
Page 069
mother and I run to the cellar, then gather hail stones to make
Ice cream. Wind did our hayrack up in grand style.

June 8. Order me a new sweater and write a letter did not get them

June 9. Cleaned again some. Made the little kids each a dress.
Finally got my junk mailed. Milked and other things to numerous to

June 10. Wroter to Martha and Leta. Went to church. Dreamed of my
boy & etc.

June 11. Sewed and did some other odd jobs.

June 12. Take a spell and cook and go to the picnic have a scrap
with Charley in which he loses part of his hide. Receive a good

June 13. go after after the lathing also work papa in.

June 14. Move the partitions.

June 15. Finish lathing fix window and clean kitchen.
Page 070
June 16. Clean parlor and sitting room put. Prices catch us in the
midst of all.

June 17. Went to church stayed with Dora for dinner. Grace and
Earnest come down.

June 18. Finished cleaning watched the mail in rain.

June 19. Worked hard on the curtains also ironed and baked some.

June 20. Finished curtains had company. Got my letter that my boy
arrives to-morrow. Go to Dora's and eat ice cream. Also had lovely
rain for which we thank the Father.

June 21. Watched all day for Richmond completed my swimming suit.
Go to phone message that I had to wait until morning. My
Page 071
luck. Believe the Heavenly Father will send us another rain to night.
We need it so much. The moon is turned point down and had new moon
in the morning good signs.

June 22. My boy arrives spend a pleasant day but was very hot.

June 23. Was sick all day Richmond called that he was going to

June 24. Go to church. Geo. Jr was "there".
Kate McAll joined us. Went to Earnest's in afternoon.

June 25. Cut my new dress out and made it.

June 26. Received phone that Richmond was back came out and spent
evening. Had a final break.

June 27. Sew some. Dora's are over for supper. Card that Martha is
to arrive.

June 28. They went to meet noon
Page 072
train. She phoned she was stranded in Fort Sill. Came in on Eve train.

June 29. Got our work done helped Dora some. Heard Richmond had
left town.

June 30 Sat. Dug a hole and watered a poor sick apricot tree. Oh!
Father please send us some much needed rain.

July 1. Went to church came home. Spend after noon taking pictures.

July 2. Had a beautiful rain. Charley brings car out for us to
inspect. Made a tabourette and Dorothy a table.

July 3. Another beautiful rain. Mother goes to town for seed. Go
to Graces take picture and in the eve plant some seed.

July 4. Thank the Father
Page 073
for still another good rain. Plant the rest of the seed and cut
weeds. Also putty some windows. Celebrated the Fourth?

July 5, Chop weed, sew and write letters, play authors with the kids.
While mother is in town.

July 6. Tatted and hemstitched mother's towels also met the mail man
in the heat.

July 7. Finished our tatted curtains, bathed and etc.

July 8. Mr. McAll died at 9:00 A.M. Went to church and Dora's came
and spent afternoon.

July 9. Went to Funeral then went with Ula Ree and in after noon
went to Chautauqua.

July 10. Played Piano, tatted etc. in the eve went to hear Keltier
Page 074
bond Saw, Irish Jig + Scotch dance also heard Bagpipes, and
came home.

July 11. Looks like rain so did not begin washing until Eve.

July 12. Went to Mrs. Ruyles to help cook for the threshers.

July 13. Ironed and sewed some.

July 14. Cut out my waist had a letter from Loney believe I'll go.
Something bit me, "Some toe".

July 15. Did not go to church finished Ice Cream. Washed dishes + etc.

July 16. Had a spell am anxious to hear results. Packed my suit
case. Am wondering what I'll do next.

July 17. Had a nice rain. Dorothy was to stay all night got
scared out!
Page 075
July 18. Dorothy stays all night with me. Rains very hard. Go wadeing
with kids.

July 19. Cut Weeds and play dominoes.

July 20. Cut more weeds. Went to see Grace had good time.

July 21. Put a little more in my suit case. I wonder if I'll go?

July 22. Olivers came to dinner. Took Eldredge for a ride. Wrote
to Virda.

July 22. Am ready to start. Do hate to go and leave the folks as
they need it worse than I. Finished cutting the worst weeds while
mother went to town to get me some socks and money am taking twenty
dollars am wondering what I'll spend it for time and eternity they
will tell.
Page 076
Tues 24. Had a nice trip I met a girl from Temple a Miss Stevenson.
Miss Hilton missed me. Went to a Vesper service heard Josh Lee.
Read The Prince of the House of David was very good!

Wed July 25. Went to assembly stood around and met folks.
Went with Hilton to dinner. Then Lura came after me and went with
her Dom. Sci class went home had lunch went to town and then the
play "Peggy".

Thur July 26. Went to school and home with Miss Franklin to dinner
enjoyed it went to Effies stayed to supper. Then to picture show

Fri July 27. Went to school then to Edna's for dinner had a
Page 077
nice time went home and then to Music -Edison_ Bum.

July 28, 17. Start on my trip to unknown. Had a lovely stay in
Drumright. Arrived all ok went to the show - Loud Vaudeville.

July 29, 17. Mr. Pierson's came in their had to go again. Met Mrs.

July 30. Mrs. P. came after us. Went to Mrs. P. for dinner.

July 31. Went to town. Got Miss some dresses.

Aug. 1. Washed and ironed some. Storm both in the heavans and by
Mother & Father.

Aug 2. Mr. Piersons came in. Go out in Eve. and make ice cream.
Came back and go enjoy
Page 078
the oil well.

Aug 3. Had a visit from Fortune Teller - Unselfish, worried but
don't let other people know it. Don't tell my business. Make friend
where ever you go. Go and work wither able or not lots of time on
your feet when should be in bed. Health has been bad but is going
to be lots better. Will live a long time.

Dark man that will always be my friend. Dark woman came between us.
Lots of other friends. Dark man cared a great deal for me but I
cared nothing for him.

There was a real dark man but he did not mean what he said.
Page 079
poorer than ever have been or will be.
Have a visit from a gentleman who take me with them on a visit go and
enjoy it.
My lucky direction is west. Be careful whom you lease too and
what papers you sign.
Two women cause trouble one named Mary one Annie. A man with the
initial J. tries to get me to sign paper must not do so. My relatives
have caused me a great deal of trouble
My trouble are nearly over I have nothing to worry about my future
is bright. I will live to be old.
Page 080
A light complected man loves me will see him soon and have a long
talk with him. He has mistreated me and is sorry with repeat will
take me out west will have a pleasant home. He's odd can coax him to
do anything, has not saved as he might have. Does not let on that he
cares for you but he does. Will get along fine and be happy. He'll be
good to you and you'll be happy. Sometimes you thing he cares
sometimes you think he cares sometimes you think he doesn't. Is not
well off but will have plenty. You do not care for much. Is a good
Went to Mrs. P. to spend the day walked in house had watermellon
fried chicken.
Page 081
Aug. 4, 17 Was sick all day went to town.

Aug 5. Sunday went to church to M E. came home met Mrs Mack. Vivian
arrives. Went to Drumright sure got jolted and fixed our tire. Had
trouble the lights also.

Aug 6. Baked cake scrubbed and made candy had a duce of a time eggs
wouldn't beat. Met Lawrence woods with a poisoned face and a dirty
shirt good boy.

Aug 7. Went in to visit and bid Lawrence good bye gave him my
address for a letter. Got a train and went to see the oil tank burn
was struck by lightening in a bad storm
Page 082
the night before. Was some rough road took some pictures on the road
took Lawrence's but fear it will be no good. Sure went some almost to
Drumright and then west to Penreta. coming back had lunch under a
big oak by the American Refining Co. Went over the big cable bridge.
When got home Pierson's were there took care of kid while they all
went to supper.

Aug 8. Washed some and cleaned up. Ate watermellon and went to the
show the two did not agree after show Paul ... came in and we ate

Aug 9. Ironed and Mother baked another cake Papa is
Page 083
anxious to start home - so Loney and I go to Depot to find out about
the trains.

Aug 10. Mrs Mack arrives Alfred and I met he. Had a nice tiem to
several pictures. Loney and I tood her to the train but had to wait
too long for Loney so she went home. Had a talk with Ed Nailer and
got a comp. by the two guys before they looked me over. Went to the
show and met a Mr Pick tried to coax me to go to Oilton to teach.

Aug 11, Sat Started home sat for six hours in Jennings Had a lovely
comp from a "brakey". Are you with the show troop"? Kern. Came
around by Waurika.
Page 084
Aug 12 Got a Koker care and came on home Found Dora sick Went to bed

Aug 13. Washed and made a sun bonnet.

Aug 14. Made a shirt for James and did the ironging received an
invitation to go to Medicine Park.

Aug 15. Mother goes to town fix my sweater and baked for the trip.

Aug 16. Started at seven went to Walters then to Lawton by way of
Ft. Sill. Had to wait until twelve before could go on.
Ate our dinners and rested there went Swimming I swam across Medicine
creek but could not make it back along.
Went to Hide's Hole to eat
Page 085
our supper sure was bad looking. Started home got almost to
Geronino and struck mud. Sure did skid some. Finally pulled in home.
Stayed all night at Ward's.

Aug 17. Came home early still showering served some for Dora and
finished some hair pin lace. Had a chance to buy a car. Got dinner
but had no one except I. Had a nice little shower.

Aug 18. Sewed on some shirts for Pierre. Knitted red white and blue
on my sweater. Washed a little and pealed some peaches for Dora.

Aug 19. Went to church went to Baptist? to hear Mr. Brett of State
Page 086
court came home helped James get Arithmetic Ruyles arrive and knock
it all in the head. Had a nice shower.

Aug 20. Sewed some more for Dora did a washing and part of the

Aug 21. Went to the mail but got nothing. Did the work and scrubbed
while Mother went to town.

Aug 22. Did some odd jobs started my scarf. Received a letter from
Lawrence Wood Sq at Ft. Sill answered it.

Aug 23. Helped Mrs Beddingfield do Dora's washing and amost made
her a dress.

Aug 24. Am going swimming with McInowns to [Black] Hole.
Page 087
Received a letter from Richmond.

Aug 25. Knit some on my scarf Mother went to town.

Aug 26. Went to church then Lura asked me to go to Waurika with them
also Mr. Herron. Had a lovely time came home and ate ice cream and

Aug 27. Received a letter from Lawrence was interesting. Did a big

Aug 28. Answered the Sgt's letter and prepared a box of candy for
him. Tried to crank a Ford Slusher.

Aug 29. Bought a Ford went to town twice.

Aug 30. Went to town did some trading and shingled.

Sept 1. Went to town took Ma. Shingled roofs and hair.
Page 088
Sept 2. All went to S.S had company for supper.

Sept 3. Worked like the duce to start the Ford finally realized my
destination all OK. Got along fine in school.

Sept. 4 Could not make her go so they took me in caught a ride home.
Heard from Mrs Mcall.

Sept 5. Nothing doing again stay with Lura go to prayer meeting.

Sept 6. Got along very well only had fifteen there I'll soon lose my
job. Went for mail.

Sept 7. Had my picture taken with Mr. Herron Ahem. came home had
a good cry. Pack my junk.

Sept 8. Tried to plan some clothes had invitation to Verd.

Sept 9. Went with Mr. Hayes (Red-head) took them to
Page 089
Dear boy,

I am lonesome for you. I've had to say in bed nearly all day
yesterday and today. I'm like the song I dream of you by night. I
long for you by day. I'm wearing my heart away for you. These two days
have seemed like years and wanted to go to work today but they
wouldn't let me. This is the first time I've ever missed because
I was sick.

I got to thinking after you left that perhaps I was too anxious.
I try boy dear to be patient and wait.

I'm wondering how my darlings cold is this morning
Page 090
the train.

Sept 10. Move to Mrs. McAll's.

Sept 11, Have a phone call from boys.

Sept 12, Went to Prayer meeting.

Sept 13, Had the pleasure of taking about fifty surely was provoking.

Sept 14, Sure tired of weeks work.

Sept 15, Stayed at Mrs Mc and washed. Had another call from boys.

Sept 16, Went to S.S. thers in afternoon had an invitation to meet
a kid. Sure was a kid 19. dressed in Gray Ben Grimes went for a
little drive.

Sept 17, Went to work again surely is some work too.
Page 091
Sept 18, Wrote to a soldier by Oraton Williams. I'm a little girl
just so high some times I laugh Sometimes I cry and I have a little
curl just hangs over my forehead when I'm good I'm very good when I'm
bad I'm horrid.

Sept 19, Tried another soldier. went to Prayer meeting.

Sept 20, Received another cranky letter from Richmond.

Sept 21, Decide not to go home wrote to Red.

Sept 22, Went to town after got work done way laid Ben going home.
Took Verde and I to Henry there to Vetoes.

Sept 23, Ben came and took me out to see Dora wanted to come next
Sun but told him I had Co.
Page 092
Sept 24, Worked hard as was nearing end of month.

Sept 25, Began to plan grade program.

Sept 26, Decided to give Lullabies of Nations went to choir practice.

Sept 27, Tried to make me a new red silk.

Sept 28, Cleaned up for to entertain soldiers Miss E assisting.

Sept 29, Miss E. and I go to meet them. Got left so went to the show.

Sept 30, Went home and stayed the day after S.S.
Went to work again as usual. Recieved another letter from Rich rather
getting old some things in this world.

Oct 2, Heard from Woods in NY received Post Card.
Page 093
Oct 3, '17, Heard from Williams promises me a picture.

Oct 4, '17, Talk of negro minstrel.

Oct 5, '17 Am glad is end of week.

Oct 6, Washed ironed and etc. Ben comes in Eve asks me go to a
party. I'm interested providing no Dance. Go to Shackelford's then
fool me to Vetoes. "Peeved" Brother V. introduces me to a cuckle
burr. Decide I'll never go again.

Oct 7, No Ben arrives Mother and Father take dinner with me. Ellie
tries to smooth matters.

Oct 8, Go to work again. Have negro minstrel.

Oct 9, Work hard on program.

Oct 10, Go to Prayer meeting.

Oct 11, '17, See Ellie takes me to town and get Vaccinated
Page 094
Oct 12, Go home rather lonesome indulge in some new shoes.

Oct 13, Surprised by a call from (Geo0 alias Ben. Go with Verda and
Henry a ways. Ben and I decide will forget.

Oct 14, Have all teachers meeting as usual.

Oct 15, Hear from "Bob" ans.

Oct 16, Get peeved at R. decide to send letters back.

Oct 17, Receive letter from Oraton that he's sick in hospital.

Oct 18, Mrs. McAll goes to Will's leaves me in a bad job.

Oct 19, '17,
Page 095
sick all day.

Apr 9, Still sick write to Ben.

Apr 10, Made it to school. Poor Miss Evans had it all to do.

Apr 11, Managed to get through another day.

Apr 12, Had company Mr. Carroll invitation to go to Lawton. Go to
contest Alpha gets second certainly a surprise come home in sprinkle.

Apr 13, Rained all day made blue dress and almost ret skirt.

Apr 14, Rained all day no boy Mother says if I do not get him I'll
get his signature.

Apr 15, Feel naughty bad got my futures hubbies letter which helped

Apr 16, Worked some more
Page 096
Apr 17, Scrubbed tables and prepared to paint.

Apr 18, Painted tables look fine.

Apr 19, Have the blues. Write Ben a terrible letter.

Apr 20, Ben comes up.

Apr 21, Talk to Ben and decide to make a match.

Apr 22, Receive another letter attend teachers meeting.

Apr 23, Try to work on dress.

Apr 24, Receive letter from Ben and answer.

Apr 26, Do some more planning.

Apr 27, Ben comes to scare away the results of the letter, but gets

Apr 28, Go to Wards for dinner then go to Mother Grimes for supper
Page 097
and Bill pops the question.

Apr 29, Varda and I plan.

Apr 30, Work on dress. Write to my boy.

May 1, Sit up in night and finish dress.

May 2, Get ready.

May 3, Stay all night with Verda. Go to Mothers club and boys arrive.
Attend a funeral? about eleven.

May 4, Plan and catch the train to Temple. Then a car to Waurika.
Trouble finally all over Wedding lovely after all. Stay with my boy.

May 5, We come home and receive a great welcome. Ben stays with me.

May 6, We go to school and receive a lovely nice shower.

May 7, Lonesome think I shall go to my darling tomorrow.
Page 098
Page 099
Thompson Delibishs
Dictionary 25
Page 100
Sargent Thelma
Music Pd. $2.00 .25
Lesson Apr 15 1.55 .50
"          22      .50
Music              .40
Lesson May 12      .50
"      "   20      .50
"      June 2  Pd  .50
2 "    July 7      1.00
2 "    "   14      1.00
2 "    "   25      1.00
Music Dictionary    .35
Pd 1.00
Page 101
Arrington Daris
Book.             1.00
Lesson Apr. 30.    .50
"      May 7  Pd   .50
Lesson "   15      .50
Page 102
Book              1.00
Lesson May 20                .50
"      "   27                .50
"      June 6                .50
"      "    13               .50 Pd
Lesson June 19               .50
Lesson  "   26               .50
Music                        .25
"       July 3               .50
"       "    10              .50 Pd
Lesson  July 25              .50
Music                        .25
"       Aug 1                .50
"       "    6               .50    1.75 Pd
        Aug 13               .50
        "   20               .50
        "   28               .50
        Sept 4  Pd           .50
        Sept 12              .50
        "    19              .50
        "    26              .50
Music                        .25    Pd
Page 103
Klene Mae Barbee
Lesson Oct 10      .50
"      M." 19      .50
"      Oct 24      .50
"      Nov 7       .50     Pd 2.00
Nov 14 G.          .50
Nov. 28 G+Z        .75    Pd 1.25
Dec     5 G.       .50
"       " Z.       .25
"       12 G       .50
"       19 G.      .50
"       26 G       .50
"       26 Z       .25
Music G.           .25      Pd
                  3.25  Pd
Page 104
Jan 2   G          .50
"       Z      Pd  .25
Book              1.00
Jan 9              .50
Jan 16             .50
Jan 23             .50
             Pd   3.00
Jan 31             .50
Feb 7              .50
"   14             .50
"   27     $2.00   .50
Mar 5              .50
"   12             .50
"   19             .50
Apr 9    Pd 2.00   .50
"   16             .50
"   23             .50
Music  Pd.         .25
"    30      2.25  .50
May  7             .50
Page 105
May 16             .50
"   22             .50
"   31             .50
June 5             .50
Page 106
Due               .85       Wash      1.00
Lesson Jan 9      .50 A     "          .75
Lesson Jan 9      .50 L.S   Work       .15
"       13 A .50            Wash 1.00
"       23 A .50            "     .75
Book    1.00      Meat      .95
Jan 28    .50 L.G.     Wash  .75
Feb 1     .50 L.G.     Wash  .75
"   1     .50 A.       Wash  .75
         6.35               6.85
Feb 14     .50 A       Wash 1.00
"   14     .50 E       Work   .15
Music      .15         Wash   .50
"   20     .50 A       "     1.00
Mar 5                  "      .75
           8.00              9.25
Page 107
Mar 12       2.50 A    wash  1.00
"   19        .50 A    "      .75
"   26        .50 A    wash   .50
Apr                    work   .30
Apr  2        .50 A  Mr Lewis work    .50
"    2        .50 E           wash    .75
"    9        .50 A
"    9        .50 E           "       .50
"    16      .50 A
"            .50 E                    "        .50
"    23      .50 A.                  wash      .50
"    30      .50 A.                  "         .50
May                                  wash      .75
"    16      .50 E.                           6.55
                                      wash     .75
"    13      .50 E                    "        .75
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